News / 02.27.17

European Patent Office grants new CRISPR patents to Broad InstituteRead more

News / 01.17.17

What makes these structural variants more challenging to study (compared to sequence variants), and what's being done to remove those challenges?

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News / 10.28.16
Fresh data and open science initiatives abounded as Broad Institute members and affiliates descended on the American Society of Human Genetics conference floor in Vancouver this year.Read more
News / 09.29.16
We have barely begun to crack open the rulebook for the vast noncoding regions of the genome. Two new methods, building on CRISPR advances, may help reveal some of the pages.Read more
News / 08.17.16
Deep genetic catalog powers studies of disease and DNA variationRead more
News / 01.30.17
Broad researchers use a large-scale synthetic biology approach to explore how different genomic features affect enhancer function.Read more
News / 01.12.17
Noncoding mutations in lineage-defining genes could represent a new mutational process in cancerRead more
News / 01.23.17
Building on the success of the Cancer Cell Line Factory, institute researchers will develop 150 cancer models to further the field of precision medicine in an international collaboration.Read more
News / 01.19.17
A genomic analysis of more than 5,000 clinical Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains from around the world sheds light on early signs of antibiotic resistance and suggests potential strategies to slow...Read more
News / 12.16.16
How should academic and non-profit institutions make IP licensing decisions to best fulfill their responsibilities to the public?Read more
News / 12.15.16
"Perturb-seq" platform enables large-scale functional analysis of complex genetic interactions by combining CRISPR-based gene perturbation with single-cell RNA sequencing for high-throughput functional screeningRead more
News / 12.15.16
Broad Institute researchers Sonia Vallabh and Eric Minikel joined President Obama, Vice President Biden, and select members of Congress for the signing of legislation that provides for investments in research and development, and delivery of treatments for disease.Read more
News / 06.14.16
On Tuesday, June 14, the White House hosted the United State of Women Summit in Washington, D.C. This historic gathering was designed to raise awareness of the achievements of women, identify key gender equality issues, and “build a roadmap for future policymakers, stakeholders and advocates to continue to expand opportunities for women and girls."Read more
News / 02.15.17
Learn more about a USPTO finding that patents granted to the Broad Institute, MIT and Harvard concerning CRISPR editing of eukaryotic genomes do not interfere with patent claims filed by UC Berkeley...Read more