News / 02.15.18

A strip of paper can now indicate presence of pathogens, tumor DNA, or any genetic signature of interest. 100-fold greater sensitivity, the ability to detect multiple targets at once, and other new features further enhance SHERLOCK's power for detecting genetic signatures.Read more

News / 02.1.18

A gene's role in a disease is not always a direct one, a point highlighted when connecting the dots between one gene and IBD.Read more

News / 01.9.18
New version of the leading genome analysis toolkit increases analysis scope and includes enhanced machine learning algorithms for greater performance.Read more
News / 12.20.17
Researchers deliver CRISPR-Cas9 directly into the inner ear hair cells of mice, preventing hearing loss in animal model of genetic progressive deafnessRead more
News / 12.7.17
Inspired by rare genetic disease, researchers develop a compound that can protect kidney cells from death and restore kidney function in multiple animal models of progressive kidney disease.Read more
News / 12.4.17
Researchers have identified an indirect way of countering a key genetic lesion in neuroblastoma.Read more
News / 12.4.17
A new computational tool merges cancer genome and protein interaction data to find cancer-fueling mutations more effectively.Read more
News / 11.30.17
Researchers found that in mice, antibiotics can directly remodel the biochemical environment of cells during infection, sometimes deleteriously.Read more
News / 11.30.17
Expanded “connectivity map” creates more than 1.3 million gene expression profiles of drug treatment and genetic perturbation, accelerating research on small molecules and gene function.Read more
News / 11.30.17
By mapping gene expression at the single cell level, researchers find that a unique transition may assist the spread of head and neck tumors.Read more
News / 11.30.17
By studying an African population underrepresented in most datasets, researchers find genetic complexity of pigmentation varies by latitudeRead more
News / 10.31.17
Coinciding with the second anniversary of the breakthrough patient-driven research movement, this first of many data releases aims to accelerate progress in metastatic breast cancer research.Read more
News / 04.13.17
Researchers, clinicians, patient advocates, and industry representatives gathered recently at the Broad Institute for the third annual Glom-NExT Symposium (Glom-NExT3), organized by institute member...Read more
News / 12.15.16
Broad Institute researchers Sonia Vallabh and Eric Minikel joined President Obama, Vice President Biden, and select members of Congress for the signing of legislation that provides for investments in research and development, and delivery of treatments for disease.Read more