Events / 10.10.18

Models, Inference & Algorithms (MIA) is a Broad initiative to support learning and collaboration across the interface of biology and mathematics / statistics / machine learning / computer science. Our core activity is the Wednesday morning meeting in the Monadnock room (415 Main St, 2nd floor), featuring a method primer at 8:30, a main seminar with breakfast at 9:30, and a discussion with the speaker at 10:30.Read more

Events / 06.12.18

Save the date for our free Midsummer Nights' Science talks, which explore key advances in genomics and medicine and foster conversation between Broad scientists and the local community.Read more

Events / 05.31.17
Explore hot topics in genomics with leading experts from the Broad Institute. Join us for "Zebras and unicorns: Rare maladies and a physician-scientist's search for answers" by Anna Greka.Read more
Events / 09.21.16
Science for All Seasons gives you a chance to explore hot topics in genomics with leading experts from the Broad Institute.Read more
Events / 04.7.16
Midsummer Nights' Science is an annual lecture series that explores key advances in genomics and medicine. This lecture series is held each summer, and is free and open to the general public...Read more
Events / 12.1.15
Researchers across biology, math, computer science, machine learning gather at Broad for Ryan Adams colloquiumRead more