Profiles / 08.10.20

Computer scientist Marianie Simeon talks about how she loves using her coding skills to help people and her efforts to bring together the Black community at Broad.Read more

Profiles / 02.3.20

Eno-Abasi Augustine-Akpan talks about her career shift and her passion for mentoring young girls of color in science.Read more

Profiles / 12.2.19
Zhanyan Fu talks about the importance of animal models in her work investigating the roots of autism and other psychiatric disorders.Read more
Profiles / 10.28.19
Diabetes genetics researcher Josep Mercader talks about the benefits and challenges of a career analyzing large and diverse datasets.Read more
Profiles / 10.2.19
In a #WhyIScience Q&A, Julian Avila-Pacheco talks about his post-PhD career path and how he has tackled imposter syndrome as a minority scientist.Read more
Profiles / 09.17.19
Katie Geiger-Schuller sifts through thousands of genes in search of new drug targets.Read more
Profiles / 07.31.19
In a #WhyIScience Q&A, the machine learning scientist discusses his background in theoretical physics and what drew him to biomedical researchRead more
Profiles / 03.19.18
In a #WhyIScience Q&A, a breast cancer researcher talks about the power of the scientific method and the importance of leadership in the sciences.Read more
Profiles / 03.15.18
A statistical geneticist describes the method and inspiration behind her work in a #WhyIScience Q&A.Read more
Profiles / 03.12.18
The senior research associate from the Sabeti Lab talks about her career path and her current research, which helps track disease outbreaks, in this #WhyIScience Q&ARead more
Profiles / 03.9.18
Broad Genomics’ senior director of Alliance & Project Management has witnessed—and helped fuel—the genomics revolution. She talks about her experiences in a #WhyIScience Q&A.Read more
Profiles / 03.8.18
A groundbreaking kidney researcher shares her experiences as a physician-scientist, and talks about the motivations (real and fictional) that led her to pursue her career, in a new #WhyIScience Q...Read more
Profiles / 03.5.18
In a #WhyIScience Q&A, postdoc Alicia Martin talks about the importance of mentorship in science and explains why diversity is so essential to the fieldRead more
Profiles / 03.2.18
A graduate student shares her motivation for tackling malarial drug resistance in a #WhyIScience Q&ARead more