Blog / 10.18.22

We and our collaborators have developed a sequencing approach that captures more genetic variation from genomes from global populations.Read more

Blog / 09.8.22

Computer scientist and Schmidt Fellow Victoria Popic discusses her journey through industry and academia and how machine learning can enhance our understanding of the human genome.Read more

Blog / 12.14.22
Farzaneh Kordbacheh talks about her drive to study biotechnology and what it’s been like to do research on three continents.Read more
Blog / 12.6.22
Pulkit Singh talks about her work at the intersection of computer science and biology and her efforts to promote equitable science.Pulkit Singh talks about her work at the intersection of computer...Read more
Blog / 11.14.22
Sara Jane Cromer talks about the importance of including social determinants of health in research.Read more
Blog / 10.13.22
Alexis Jaramillo Cartagena shares what he’s learned about empowering young scientists from underrepresented communities and being an effective leader in the lab.Read more
Blog / 05.3.22
Naeem Nadaf talks about his work to improve single-cell research protocols and technologies and how he transitioned from dentistry to life in a lab.Read more
Blog / 03.21.22
An MD/PhD student discusses what drew her to combining computational biology with ophthalmology and cardiovascular medicine, and her work inspiring high school girls in science and engineering.Read more
Blog / 02.4.22
Anitta Namanya discusses her work as an information security engineer and her involvement with the Black community at Broad.Read more
Blog / 01.20.22
Junko Tsuji talks about her work to ensure quality of sequencing data and support studies aimed at improving human health.Read more
Blog / 12.8.21
Kiara Westbrooks talks about her work in Broad’s Data Sciences Platform developing software people use to share their data with scientists.Read more
Blog / 02.18.21
Research fellow Pierre Ankomah discusses what brought him to the United States and the mentors who helped him along the way.Read more
Blog / 09.30.21
Delia Sosa talks about how their experiences shape their approach to research and their interactions with patients.Read more
Blog / 08.17.21
Hyunghoon Cho talks about his work using techniques from computer science to help improve biomedical data security.Read more