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On September 22 and 23, 2011, the Broad Institute's Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research and MIT's McGovern and Picower Institutes co-hosted a symposium on the emerging genetics and neurobiology of severe mental illness. 350 people attended the symposium, which included more than 30 talks and invigorating discussion. Videos from these presentations and the Q&A sessions that followed are available for viewing below.

Day 1: Genetics

Session 1:  Genetics of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Illness
Chair:  Steven McCarroll
  Copy number variants and the genetics of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
Jonathan Sebat, University Of California, San Diego
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Schizophrenia genetics: new insights from new mutations
Maria Karayiorgou, Columbia University
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Analysis of de novo CNV mutations in schizophrenia implicates specific post-synaptic protein complexes
Michael O’Donovan, School of Medicine, Cardiff University
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Exome sequencing in schizophrenia
Shaun Purcell, Broad Institute/Massachusetts General Hospital
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GWAS analysis across five psychiatric illnesses. Results of a combined dataset power of more than 60,000 individuals
Stephan Ripke, Broad Institute/Massachusetts General Hospital
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Bipolar disorder genetics from the Psychiatric GWAS Consortium
Pamela Sklar, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
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Interacting genes and interacting environments in risk for schizophrenia
Daniel Weinberger, National Institutes of Mental Health/Lieber Institute
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Session 2: Genetics of Autism, OCD, Depression and Mental Retardation
Chair: Mriganka Sur
  Homing in on the allelic architecture of autism spectrum disorders
Matthew State, Yale University
November 2011
Synaptic and circuitry mechanisms of compulsive/repetitive behaviors in OCD and autism
Guoping Feng, MIT (McGovern Institute)
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Genetics of major depression: What to do next?
Patrick Sullivan, University of North Carolina
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Autism: Rare causes of an increasingly common disorder
Christopher A. Walsh, Children's Hospital – Boston
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Quantifying the role of de novo point mutations in autism
Ben Neale, Broad Institute/Massachusetts General Hospital
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Human genome structural variation, disease and evolution
Evan Eichler, University of Washington
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Modeling neuropsychiatric disorders in the mouse
Mario Capecchi, University of Utah
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Day 2: Biology and Clinical

Session 3: Emerging Biology and Functional Data
Chair: Mark Bear
  Late breaking topic: Discovering autosomal recessive subtypes in autism
Elaine Lim, Harvard Medical School/Mass General Hospital/Broad Institute
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What we need from gene discovery to advance biological insight
Mark Daly, Massachusetts General Hospital/Broad Institute
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Cpg2, a risk gene for bipolar disorder, encodes a regulator of glutamate receptor endocytosis
Elly Nedivi, MIT (Picower Institute)
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Examining the genetics of bipolar disorder using human induced neurons
Li-Huei Tsai, MIT (Picower Institute)
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Controlling brain circuits with light: Towards systematic analysis of neural circuit functions
Ed Boyden, MIT (Media Lab)
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Mapping depression circuits: Foundation for new treatment strategies using direct brain stimulation
Helen Mayberg, Emory University
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Modeling psychiatric disorders through reprogramming
Rusty Gage, Salk Institute
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Using human iPSC derived neural cells to understand bipolar disorder
Jon Madison, Stanley Center, Broad Institute
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At the core of autism: Models of 16p11.2 copy number variation
Alea Mills, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
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Session 4: Clinical Applications
Chair: Ed Scolnick
  Genetic risk prediction for mental illness: Prospects and limitations
Peter Visscher, Queensland Institute of Medical Research
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Allosteric modulators of GPCRs as a novel approach for treatment of severe mental illness
Jeff Conn, Vanderbilt Medical Center
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HDACs in memory and cognition: Development of isoform selective inhibitors with improved CNS drug properties
Ed Holson, Stanley Center, Broad Institute
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PDE10 inhibitors as potential schizophrenia drugs
Sasha Gragerov, Omeros
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Rapid acting antidepressants increase mTOR signaling and synaptogenesis
Ronald Duman, Yale University
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Discovery of a neuroprotective chemical
Steve McKnight, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
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Novartis AFQ056/mavoglurant early phase clinical trial results
Baltazar Gomez-Mancilla, Novartis
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Closing remarks
Steve Hyman, Harvard University
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