K-12 Outreach

The mission of K-12 outreach at the Broad Institute is to demystify science, generate excitement for research, and transform lives. We aim to convey not only the exciting scientific breakthroughs that Broad researchers and their collaborators make each day, but also our unique way of working together in cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary teams to tackle bold problems that could not be solved in traditional settings. Participants in our outreach activities walk away with an understanding of the promise of biomedical research and what it means to be a scientist at the Broad Institute.

Our current activities include:

Broad Summer Scholars Program

Spend 6 weeks pursuing original research under the guidance of a Broad scientist mentor.
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Educational Tours

Visit the DNAtrium, meet some Broad scientists, and explore the Broad Institute. Tours are custom-designed to meet the needs of our students.
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