Artist-in-Residence Program

Even before the Broad Institute had a physical home, artists were invited into the Broad community. This was done because the interactions between artists and scientists - the sharing of views and the disparate approaches to solving problems – possess the potential to inspire both science and art.

The Broad's artist-in-residence program lies at the intersection of science and art. The program is designed to stimulate collaborative problem-solving using an interdisciplinary approach. Together, the artist and Broad scientists explore issues of visual representation and communication, and work toward a greater understanding of the complexities of the scientific endeavors taking place at the Broad Institute. It is hoped that these interactions will spur innovation across media, fields, and disciplines.

The Broad Institute has hosted three artists-in-residence to date. Learn more about their art, their perspectives, and their experience at the Broad here:


Maskull Lasserre 

Maskull Lasserre, the institute’s current artist-in-residence, comes to the Broad via Canada, where his drawings and sculptures are represented in the collections of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Government of Canada, and the Royal Bank, amongst others...

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Bernd Haussmann 

Bernd Haussmann, the Broad's most recent artist-in-residence, describes his work as “environmental art.” Through his artistic practice, he seeks to explore subjective environments and to test “how the spiritual, material, cultural, and natural environments influence...

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Gupi Ranganathan

Gupi Ranganathan completed her two-year residency at the Broad in 2011. At the end of her stay, she exhibited “Unfolding,” a collection that used video, paintings, prints, and wire sculpture to explore the process of the genome unfolding and life unfolding...

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Daniel Kohn

Daniel Kohn is the Broad’s founding artist in residence. He first came to the Broad in 2003 at the invitation of Broad Chief Scientific Officer Todd Golub. He returns with his current commission, “Instance of a visual dataset,” as part of the 2012-2013 Broad Creative series..

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