View Data

Viewing and Downloading the data

Data can be viewed either in the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) or in the UCSC genome browser.

  •  Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV): a convenient and very user-friendly way to browse through the data.
  • UCSC genome browser: to view the data in the context of other data sets that are accessible via the UCSC genome browser (e.g. ESTs, conservation tracks, homology-based gene models etc.)

Quick Guide to Viewing / Downloading Data from the UCSC Browser

  • To change the position and zoom in/out in the UCSC browser, use the navigation buttons above the genome-view window or enter a genomic location/gene.
  • To change the appearance of a track (UCSC-maintained and custom track), scroll down in the UCSC web-browser to the section "Custom Tracks". You can choose between different options for each track:
    • "full" = most expanded view with transcript IDs/gene names aligned on the side; 
    • "packed" = similar to 'full' with IDs next to transcripts; 
    • "squish" = space-efficient view of transcripts without directionality/IDs; 
    • "dense" = expanded transcript structure without directionality/IDs;
    • "hide" = track not shown;
  • - To add a UCSC-maintained track that does not come up by default, change its settings from "hide" to any other appearance setting.
  • - To add your own custom track, click on the "manage custom tracks" button and select "add custom track" on the right side, then follow the instructions on the site.
  • - To download data, change to "Tables" from the main menu bar and select the track and format you want to download.