IGV for iPad: Links to Launch IGV for iPad

IGV for iPad will launch from links embedded in web pages, documents, and email messages. These links make use of a dynamic PHP file hosted at the Broad Institute.
  • The same link will directly launch IGV on the iPad or download a clickable jnlp icon on the desktop computer.
    • On the desktop, depending on the version of Java, the downloaded jnlp icon may have to be right-clicked and Opened With>Java Web Start. This will launch desktop IGV with the specified data.
  • The links can specify the reference genome, one or more datasets, and the initial viewing locus.
Link format http://www.broadinstitute.org/igv/projects/current/igv.php?genome=genomeName&file=fileURL&locus=locus
Example http://www.broadinstitute.org/igv/projects/current/igv.php?genome=hg18&file=http://www.broadinstitute.org/igvdata/igvdoc/hg18_egfr_cons.wig&locus=chr7:55,052,219-55,244,525
For multiple datasets Replace fileURL with multiple URLs separated by commas.
Here is an example of the above link embedded in a web page. Clicking on the link will launch IGV, select the hg18 genome, load the hg18_egfr_cons.wig file, and set the viewing locus to chr7:55,052,219-55,244,525.


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