Best Practices in Tagging Your Module

Tags are terms or keywords that can be assigned to an object, like a module, to help describe it.  Since GParc supports searching by tag, an accurate set of tags can help make your module more visible to the people who want or need it for their analyses.  The GParc development team has created a list of common tags that will be presented as autocomplete options as you type, if the tag you want matches a tag already created. (Note that you may need to wait a moment for that option to be displayed.) This way, we can avoid having essentially identical tags, such as "Sequencing" and "sequencing", or similar tags with spelling differences, such as "Alignment" and "alingment".

We understand, however, that as GParc grows, the need for new tags will also grow.  Please help us maintain consistency in the tags by keeping the following points in mind:

  • Capitalize all important words in the tag (e.g., Preprocess and Utilities, Data Format Conversion).
  • Use spaces, not underscores, between words in tags (e.g., Flow Cytometry, NOT Flow_Cytometry).
  • Don't use acronyms or abbreviations unless you're relatively sure that the majority of GParc users will understand them (e.g., NGS, RNA-seq, SNP Analysis).
  • Remember to use commas between your tag terms so we can avoid having a single tag like, "Sequencing Preprocess and Utilities NGS RNA."
  • Doublecheck your spelling! 

Thanks for your help with this.