Submit Module


If you haven't created a GenePattern module before, see the Resources page.

To submit your module to GParc:

1. Make sure your module has documentation and test files. (When you create your module on the GenePattern server, you can add these as /Support files/.)

2. Export your module from a GenePattern server. Make sure the ZIP archive is smaller than 2 GB.

3. Upload your GenePattern module to GParc. (You are on this page)

4. Add tags for your module on the module's page.

5. Click /Save/ at the bottom of the module's page.

6. You're done!  Your module should now show up on the Browse Modules page.

You must log in to submit a module. If you do not have a login, please register.

 Safari is known to cause submission errors. Try a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer) for submitting your module to GParc.