Q: I tried to submit my module, but the submission failed.  Why?

A: There are a number of common reasons for a module submission to GParc to fail, and we have listed these below.  If these notes do not resolve your submission issue, contact the GenePattern development team for assistance.

  • Safari: Submissions via Safari fail about half the time.  There will be no explanatory error message.  If you are using Safari, you can try again, or try submitting with another browser.
  • Compression on Mac OS: The GParc repository cannot resolve ZIP archives generated by the Finder on a Macintosh OS. To zip on a Mac, use the zip command from a terminal window instead or export the module from your GenePattern repository.
  • Manifest or Documentation Missing: Make sure that the manifest and documentation files are present in the ZIP archive.

Q: What is that File Browser tab on the My Account page?  Can I submit a module there?

A: No, the only way you can submit a module is on the Submit Module page.  The File Browser tab on the My Account page will allow you to upload images and supplementary documentation to a file folder specific to you.  These images and documentation can be inserted into module pages and forum entries.

Q. What if I've read all the help documents and still don't have an answer to my question?

A: Post your question in the GParc General forum. GenePattern developers and GParc users monitor and respond frequently.