Best Practices for Module Documentation

Download the template for module documentation in your preferred format here:

Open Office version MS Word version

Your module documentation should contain at least:

  • a short description of what the module does
  • author attribution and contact information
  • a brief summary of what the module does and why someone might want to use it
  • any papers associated with the module that would be useful for a user
  • a listing of the module parameters and a description of each
  • a listing of the files output by the module and a description of what those files contain
  • module type
  • operating systems on which the module works
  • language in which the module was written

Remember to spellcheck and proofread your documentation.
The GenePattern development team distributes all module documentation in PDF to avoid compatibility and security issues.  Be aware that if you are using a Macintosh to PDF your doc, the links in the text will be unclickable.  If you have a number of links in your doc, we recommend PDFing the document on a non-Macintosh platform.