Expand the GenePattern Community

GParc is a repository and community where users can share and discuss their own GenePattern modules.  Unregistered users can download modules and rate them.  Registered GParc users can:

  • Submit modules
  • Download modules
  • Rate modules
  • Comment on modules
  • Access the GPARC forum

GenePattern is a powerful genomic analysis platform that provides access to tools for gene expression analysis, next-generation sequencing, proteomics, SNP analysis, and common data processing tasks.  The GenePattern team has released over 150 modules.  However, GenePattern also provides a tool for you to create your own modules.  GPARC gives you a place to share these with the rest of the GenePattern community.  GenePattern is developed at the Broad Institute.

For more information about GParc, take a look at the GParc Resources page.

For more information about GenePattern, see the GenePattern Web site, including the GenePattern User Guide and the GenePattern Programmer's Guide.

To contact the GenePattern development team, email gp-help@broadinstitute.org.