We currently offer two versions: DISCOVAR and DISCOVAR de novo (experimental).

DISCOVAR – genome assembler and variant caller

Suitable for variant calling with reference and assembling small genomes de novo.

The latest version of DISCOVAR, including example data, is available for download via our ftp site, whilst the manual is available to view online.

DISCOVAR de novo (experimental) – de novo large genome assembler

Suitable for assembling large and small genomes de novo. Experimental.

The latest version of DISCOVAR de novo (experimental), including example data, is available for download via our ftp site.


Note that GCC 4.7.0 (or higher) is required to build the DISCOVAR packages. jemalloc is also required to build DISCOVAR de novo (experimental).

DISCOVAR is undergoing continuous development. There is no ‘official’ release – instead we automatically release the latest source code if it passes our rigorous nightly tests. Significant new releases will be announced via this blog.

DISCOVAR is released without restriction under the terms of this license. Users are encouraged to register by email us, stating your name, organization name and details.

If you have any trouble building or using DISCOVAR then please follow the steps given in our help guide and read our FAQ.