Cancer Program Data Resources

Achilles Project

The goal of the Achilles Project is to create a genome-wide catalog of tumor dependencies to identify vulnerabilities associated with genetic or epigenetic alterations.

ALL/AML Classification

The landmark 1999 Golub, Slonim et al study represented the first demonstration that genomic approaches (in this case gene expression profiling) could be used to identify new cancer subtypes or assign tumors to known classes. Here, you can download the original proof-of-concept data demonstrating successful classification between acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) without previous knowledge of these classes.

Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (CCLE)

The Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (CCLE) project is an effort to conduct a detailed genetic characterization of a large panel of human cancer cell lines. The CCLE provides public access analysis and visualization of DNA copy number, mRNA expression, mutation data and more, for 1000 cancer cell lines.

Connectivity Map (CMAP)

The Connectivity Map (or CMap) is a catalog of gene-expression data collected from human cells treated with chemical compounds and genetic reagents. Computational methods to reduce the number of necessary genomic measurements along with streamlined methodologies enable the current effort to significantly increase the size of the CMap database and along with it, our potential to connect human diseases with the genes that underlie them and the drugs that treat them.

Differentiation Map (DMAP) Portal

A differentiation map of hematopoiesis, from the paper "Densely Interconnected Transcriptional Circuits Control Cell States in Human Hematopoiesis"

DLBCL Genome Sequencing

To gain insight into the genomic basis of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), we performed massively parallel whole-exome sequencing of 55 primary tumor samples from patients with DLBCL and matched normal tissue. We identified recurrent mutations in genes that are likely to play a role in the biology of DLBCL.

Global Cancer Map

The Global Cancer Map datasets consist of gene expression data for 218 tumor samples, spanning 14 common tumor types, and 90 normal tissue samples, assayed on the Affymetrix Hu6800 and Hu35KsubA chips.

Head and Neck Cancer Sequencing

Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is a common, morbid, and frequently lethal malignancy. To uncover its mutational spectrum, we analyzed whole-exome sequencing data from 74 tumor-normal pairs.

ICBP Data & Analysis Portal

This portal provides access to information tools and data avilalle from all of the Centers for Cancer Systems Biology that are part of NCI's Integrative Cancer Biology Program including the Broad-Instiute/Dana Farber center.


The Library of Integrated Network-based Cellular Signatures (LINCS) program is developing a library of molecular signatures based on gene expression and other cellular changes.