Idiopathic Epilepsy

Idiopatic Epilepsy is a brain disorder often referred to as hereditary or congenital epilepsy. It causes the brain to have abnormal electrical activity, which can lead to seizures and involuntary muscle spasms.

Latest Research Update: A comparison of the genomes of healthy and dogs within many breeds is ongoing. An epilepsy gene has been identified in lagotto romagnolo and the genetic risk factor will soon be published.

Breeds: Belgian Shepherd Dog, Giant Schnauzer, Keeshond, Luzern Hound, Norrbottenspitz, Rottweiler, Smaland Hound, Swedish Elkhound

Main collaborator: Izabella Baranowska Körberg, Karin Hultin-Jäderlund (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) Hannes Lohi (university of Helsinki) and LUPA

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