Illumina Infinium Whole Genome Genotyping

Illumina's BeadArray Technology is based on 3-micron silica beads that self assemble in microwells on planar silica slides. When randomly assembled on this substrate, the beads have a uniform spacing of ~5.7 microns. Each bead is covered with hundreds of thousands of copies of a specific oligonucleotide that act as the capture sequences in one of Illumina's assays.

The Genomics Platform offers off-the-shelf, fixed-content Illumina SNP genotyping assays of various scales as well as custom iSelect arrays, all of which are processed in an automated, LIMS-based production environment with customized software for accurate and automated allele calling.

Illumina Whole Genome Arrays are designed using tag SNP content, which allows for great statistical power and genomic coverage. The same Beadchips can also be used in loss of heterozygosity (LOH)/copy number analyses.

Arrays available
The Genomics Platform is currently offering GWAS arrays from Illumina's "GWAS roadmap," which features the Omni series of arrays. This series of arrays contains updated content from the 1000 Genomes Project and these arrays allow investigators to probe up to 5 million SNPs at one time. The current arrays the Genomics Platform is offering from this series include:

Infinium Exome
Infinium 2.5-8 sample array
Infinium 5M-quad
OmniExpress + Exome array (combination array with OmniExpress and Exome array content)

The Genomics Platform has the ability to work with Illumina to add custom content to many of these arrays. If you are interested in custom content, please indicate the array you are interested in and an approximate number of custom SNPs when you fill out the Genomics Platform inquiry form.

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