The Stanley Center Psychiatric Genetics and Neuroscience Fellowship

The Stanley Center Psychiatric Genetics and Neuroscience Fellowship offers an opportunity for advanced study and research in Psychiatric Genetics and Neuroscience, and serves as a bridge between clinical training and the development of a research career. The fellowship, sponsored by the Broad Institute’s Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research, the MGH-McLean Hospital Adult Psychiatry Residency Research Concentration Program, and Brigham and Women's Hospital Harvard Longwood Residency Program, provides funding for one to two years of research and study after residency training. A total of 1-2 new awards are granted each year.

The application cycle for the 2015-2016 has begun. The deadline for applications is October 31, 2014 at 5pm. For more information on the fellowship, and for application guidelines, download the application announcement here.

Questions about the fellowship should be directed to:

Jennifer Moran
Associate Director, Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research

About the 2014-2014 Fellow
Evan Macosko, M.D., Ph.D. is the 2014-2015 Stanley Center Psychiatric Genetics and Neuroscience Fellow. Macosko is a graduate of Harvard College (B.A.), Rockefeller University (Ph.D.), and Weill Cornell Medical College (M.D.), has postdoctoral appointments at MGH/McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School. His research project, which will be mentored by Steve McCarroll and performed in collaboration with Aviv Regev and David Weitz, will help address a critical need in neuroscience: defining the RNA transcriptome in individual cells of the human brain. The work will help lay a foundation for understanding how molecular perturbations lead to the pathophysiology found in patients with psychiatric disease.