Please note that the Therapeutics Discovery and Development Platform is now the Therapeutics Projects Group

Therapeutics Projects Group

The Therapeutics Projects Group (TPG) brings together experts from academia and industry to drive innovation in solving therapeutics challenges widely considered intractable. Like other Broad initiatives, TPG works with Broad programs and platforms in an integrated, collaborative, and overarching effort to transform the understanding and treatment of disease.

TPG will:

• Develop and apply novel drug discovery technologies
• Target novel classes of protein targets, generally viewed as ‘undruggable’
• Target novel mechanisms emerging from studies of human biology
• Work in an open, collaborative environment to establish proofs of concept

TPG does not aim to duplicate drug discovery activities currently pursued by large pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Rather, TPG’s goal is to address critical unmet needs not being tackled elsewhere.

It integrates its innovative ideas with industrial-strength execution, bringing to bear the Broad’s capabilities in areas ranging from Diversity Oriented Synthesis (DOS) libraries to Gene Expression High-Throughput-Screening (GE-HTS) to laboratory-based target identification.

The Broad’s TPG is led by Brian Hubbard, who brings deep expertise in drug discovery and development.