Damian Young

Damian Young is a group leader within the Chemical Biology Program at the Broad Institute and a project leader within the Broad Institute’s Center of Excellence in Chemical Methodology and Library Development (CMLD). His research focuses on the development of chemical pathways leading to molecules, which can be used to probe fundamental and disease-associated biology. Young is also is interested in the development of new chemical methods that can may be applied to the production of biologically active small molecules.

Young received a B.S. in chemistry from Howard University in 1998. He then joined Trimeris, Inc. in Durham, N.C. where he worked on the synthesis of the now FDA approved drug Fuzeon, an anti-HIV agent. Young went on to pursue a Ph.D. in organic chemistry at North Carolina State University. Under the direction of Professor Daniel L. Comins, Young worked on the total synthesis of the alkaloid spirolucidine, a compound isolated from club moss. He then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University with Broad core faculty member Stuart L. Schreiber, working in the area of diversity-oriented synthesis.

Damian Young CV (pdf)

Contact: dyoung@broadinstitute.org