Wagner Group: Group Members

Current members

Bridget Wagner, Ph.D.
   Director of Pancreatic Cell Biology and Metabolic Disease
   Ph.D., Harvard University
Deepika Walpita, Ph.D.
   Research Scientist
   Ph.D., West Virginia University
   Project area: Human islet cell culture; small-molecule inducers of human beta-cell proliferation
Amedeo Vetere, Ph.D.
   Research Scientist
   Ph.D., University of Trieste, Italy
   Project area: Targeted approaches to beta-cell proliferation (menin, glucokinase, let-7, miR101)
Kaihui Hu He, Ph.D.
   Postdoctoral Fellow
   Ph.D., University of Geneva
   Project area: Small-molecule inducers of Pax4 expression fo beta-cell transdifferentiation from alpha cells
Stephen Scully, Ph.D.
   Postdoctoral Fellow
   Ph.D., Boston University
   Project area: Chemistry focused on a novel inhibitor of cytokine-induced beta-cell apoptosis
Amit Choudhary, Ph.D.
   Harvard Junior Fellow (co-advised with Stuart Schreiber)
   Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
   Project area: Global phosphoproteomics of alpha and beta cells
Yuan Yuan
   Graduate Student (Harvard Chemistry; co-advised with Stuart Schreiber)
   Bachelor’s degree, Peking University, China
   Project area: Small molecules to induce beta-cell transdifferentiation from exocrine cells
Morten Lundh
   Visiting Graduate Student (co-advised with Thomas Mandrup-Poulsen, University of Copenhagen)
   Project area: Role of histone deacetylases in cytokine-induced beta-cell apoptosis

Tammy Gilbert
   Research Associate
   M.S., B.S., Texas A&M University
   Project area: Beta-cell transdifferentiation from alpha cells
Alicia Tang
   Research Associate
   M.S., Northeastern University; B.S., Dickinson College
   Project area: Small-molecule profiling; protecting beta cells from cytokine-induced apoptosis

Past members

Stefan Kubicek, Ph.D.
   Postdoctoral Fellow (with Stuart Schreiber)
   Current position: Assistant professor, CEMM, Vienna
Dina Fomina-Yadlin, Ph.D.
   Graduate Student (Harvard Molecular and Cellular Biology; co-advised with Stuart Schreiber)
   Ph.D., 2011
   Current position: Postdoctoral fellow, Amgen, Seattle, WA
Danny Chou, Ph.D.
   Graduate Student (Harvard Chemistry; co-advised with Stuart Schreiber)
   Ph.D., 2011
   Current position: Postdoctoral fellow, laboratory of Robert Langer, MIT
Kristin Rose
   Undergraduate Student, Broad SRPG Program
   B.S., MIT, 2010
   Current position: Graduate Student, BBS program, Harvard Medical School
Chioma Madubata
   Undergraduate Student, Harvard PRISE Program
   A.B., Harvard College, 2011
   Current position: Medical student, Columbia Unversity
Flor De La Cruz
   Undergraduate Student, Broad SRPG Program
   MIT, class of 2014
Hoang-Lan Tran
   Undergraduate Student, HHMI EXROP Program
   B.S., UCLA, 2010
Sampada Joshee
   Undergraduate Student, HHMI EXROP Program
   B.S., University of Colorado, 2010
Kedar Perkins
   Undergraduate Student, HHMI and Broad SRPG Program
   University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Anna Ross
   Summer Intern, Broad Outreach Program
   Student, Brookline High School