Koehler Group: Group Members

Current Members

Angela N. Koehler, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Engineering, MIT                                                                           Intramural Faculty, David H. Koch Institute for Intergrative Cancer Research at MIT
Director, Transcriptional Chemical Biology, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT

Francisco Caballero-Gonzalez, PhD
Research Scientist
PhD, Biochemistry, School of Medicine, University of Barcelona, 2007
BS, Biochemistry, University of Barcelona, 2002
Project: Direct and indirect small-molecule modulators of Myc-mediated transcription

Andrew Chen
Graduate Student, Biological Engineering
BS, Cornell University, 2011

Jiyoung Hong, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, joint with Professor Stuart Orkin at Harvard Medical School
PhD, Chemistry, University of Michigan, 2011
BS, Chemistry, University of Louisville, 2006
Projects: Small-molecule modulators of BCL11A, a regulator of fetal hemoglobin production

Dylan Neel
Undergraduate, PRISE Fellow, Harvard University
Project: Modulating the Max network with small molecules

Mohammed Toure
Undergraduate, Harvard University
Project: Modulating Myc-mediated transcription with kinase inhibitors

Elizabeth (Lizy) Trujillo
Undergraduate, MIT
Project: Target identification for an inhibitor of Myc-mediated transcription



Dominick Casalena
SMM Manufacturing Specialist, Therapeutics Platform, Broad Institute

Amedeo Vetere, PhD
Research Scientist, Wagner Laboratory, Broad Institute

Dina Wassaf
Senior Research Associate, Therapeutics Platform, Broad Institute


Past Members

Francisco Alvarez (2009-2011), Medical Student, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Zahra Bahrami-Nejad (2011-2012), Graduate Student, Chemical and Systems Biology Program, Stanford University

Anna Borodovsky, PhD (2005-2006), Principal Scientist, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Katherine Brea (2013), Undergraduate DFCI-CURE Summer Scholar, Bates College

Rakhee Busanelli (2009-2012), Helmlsey Project Team, Broad Institute

Mayank Choudhary (2013), Undergraduate Khorana Summer Scholar, IIT-Madras

Katie Doud (2007-2009), Graduate Student, Tochtrop Laboratory, Case Western Reserve University

Jay Duffner (2004-2006), Momenta Pharmaceuticals

Clémentine Féau, PhD (2010-2012), Therapeutics Projects Group, Broad Institute

Jason Fuller (2006-2009), Gingko BioWorks

Ulvi Karaca (2011), Graduate Student, Ozcubukcu Laboratory, METU

Melissa Kemp, PhD (2009-2013), Monsanto

Nicole Martinez (2007, 2008), Graduate Student, Lynch Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania
Read more about Nicole’s summer internships here.

Olivia McPherson (2003-2009), Graduate Student, Schafmeister Laboratory, Temple University

Nen Cao Pagano (2004-2005), COO at Voncierge

Sanjeev Ranade (2005-2006), Graduate Student, Patapoutian Laboratory, The Scripps Research Institute

Amalchi Castillo Rodriguez (2009), Systems Integration Consulting Analyst, Accenture
Read more about Amalchi’s summer internship here.

Roodolph St. Pierre (2010-2011), Undergraduate DFCI-CURE Summer Scholar, Research Associate, Bradner Laboratory, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Candice Thompson (2010), Medical Student, Howard University College of Medicine

John Paul Shen, MD (2004-2005), Fellow, Hematology and Oncology, Postdoctoral Fellow, Ideker Laboratory, UC San Diego

Cheng Zhong, PhD (2013), Synthetic Chemist, Preceres


High School Summer Outreach Students

Megan Blewett of Madison High School, NJ (2006, 2007)                                                     
BA Chemistry, Harvard University, 2011 (Corey Lab)
Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellow, Chemistry, The Scripps Research Institute (Cravatt Lab)
Read more about Megan's research in "Student earns high honor in national science competition."

Max Cabaj of Thayer Academy, Braintree MA (2011)
Undergraduate, University of Southern California

Jack Kelly of Manchester Essex Regional High School, Manchester, MA (2009)
Undergraduate, Northeastern University

Michael Meneses of Malden High School, Medford, MA (2009)
Undergraduate, Brown University
Read more about Michael’s research here.

Brian Sheehan of Medford High School, Medford, MA (2007)
BS Biology, BA Spanish, Tufts University, 2012                                                                                              Read more about Brian’s research here.