Center for the Science of Therapeutics

The Center for the Science of Therapeutics (CSofT) is undertaking therapeutic discovery projects aimed at testing therapeutic hypotheses with small molecules in humans. The center brings together the Broad Institute's Chemical Biology Program, Therapeutics Platform, and Therapeutics Projects Group, leveraging the strengths of all three groups in a concerted therapeutic discovery effort.

The center integrates human biology, including exploiting human genetic variations that represent ‘experiments of Nature,’ and chemistry and chemical biology to discover small molecules that modulate the therapeutic targets at the heart of disease. The center works in close collaboration with chemists, biologists, and physician-scientists to pursue a transparent model of therapeutic discovery toward ultimately informing the development of safe and effective medicines.

CSofT focuses on four main therapeutics-directed activities:

  • Human biology-guided therapeutics
  • Microbial therapeutics
  • Chromatin-based therapeutics
  • Technology development

CSofT's open access Cancer Therapeutics Response Portal is now online