The KCO is led by Broad core faculty member and MIT associate professor Aviv Regev. It has a dedicated team that is pursuing projects in a variety of cell types together with collaborators from throughout the Broad community and beyond.

The KCO pursues three major goals:

Develop and deploy experimental and computational approaches for systematically defining cellular circuits. These include capabilities – in the KCO and across the Broad’s Platforms – for measuring all cellular components and their connections, reconstructing circuit models, and producing and delivering perturbing agents to cells.

Execute Cell Observatory Projects, to reconstruct circuits in mammalian cells.

Flagship Projects to construct the full circuitry of key cell types.

Collaborative Projects to tackle only specific parts of the circuitry, learning how to overcome key challenges and address key questions.
KCO-Leveraged Projects use our capacity and expertise in the context of various projects, These projects are often initiated through a small, short-term collaboration to help with a particular technique, and are expanded, if appropriate, to a larger project.
All of these projects are undertaken in collaboration with scientists in the Broad community, drawing on their deep expertise in a biological system

 Broad Institute-ISF Partnership for Cell Circuit Research, a joint program with the Israel Science Foundation to tackle major challenges in cell circuitry, that includes collaborative projects, a postdoctoral training program, and an annual symposium for Israeli and Broad scientists.