Collaborating with the Proteomics Platform

In keeping with the Proteomics platform’s mission to collaborate with the greater Broad community we encourage inquiries concerning potential collaborations.

How to setup a collaboration:

1. Contact Steve Carr (Platform Director) to discuss potential collaborations.

2. Set up meeting with Proteomic scientists to discuss the proposal. This meeting is meant to be an open scientific exchange to review data, exchange ideas, and determine if the collaboration is of mutual interest and if there is a mechanism in place to cover the costs.

3. If the project moves forward a Proteomic scientist will be assigned to the project.

4. You and our scientist will develop a plan and determine the scope of the project.

5. The following form will be filled out and sent to the Proteomics Platform Manager.

6. A quote will be generated.  All projects need to be funded before any work can begin.

7. Once a quote has been funded, work can begin.

Collaboration FAQs

Collaboration Initiation Form