Abstract Submission

We invite and encourage submission of abstracts from scientists who have used, or will describe how they plan to use, the GTEx project data. A small number of abstracts may be considered for an oral presentation. The remainder will be considered for posters. The abstract submission deadline is May 12, 2015.

Project Data

Controlled access data found at dbGaP
  • RNA-seq BAM files aligned with TopHat
  • Genotyping VCFs
    • Illumina Omni 5 Array
    • Illumina Exome Array
    • Genotypes imputed from Omni 5 
Open access data found at the GTEx Portal
  • cis eQTL results - Matrix eQTL results for each tissue individually
  • Gene-level RPKM values
  • Gene-level read counts
  • Exon-level read counts
  • Isoform level data provided by Flux


Please note: Abstracts must be submitted with registration. Visit our registration page, sign-up for the meeting, and submit your abstract today! The abstract submission deadline is May 12, 2015.