Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Organization

The scientists and software engineers affiliated with the Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Organization share computational expertise across all Broad programs, initiatives, and platforms. The group's mission is to advance, promote, and coordinate institute-wide activities in the computational sciences critical to Broad's efforts to improve medical treatment and identify the molecular causes of disease.

There are three main foci of computational activity at the Broad Institute:


These projects address data acquisition and management needs, including laboratory information and project management systems, systems for storing and accessing primary data, and data processing and analysis pipelines.

Computational biology

Broad's computational biologists develop and apply innovative, sophisticated computational methods and tools for data analysis.

Information technology

The information technology group supports a scalable, flexible, and robust computational infrastructure critical to the Broad's high-throughput laboratories and research.

Software distributed by the Broad Institute includes packages for whole-genome assembly (Arachne), genome browsing (ARGO), analysis of microarray gene expression data (GenePattern), and genetic linkage analysis (MapMaker, GeneHunter). For a full list, please go to Software.

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics further serves as a central resource on computational issues for the Broad's scientific staff. Through group meetings, seminars, lecture series, and journal clubs, it also provides a forum for computational scientists to share ideas, discuss issues, and work on computational strategies.