Integrated Team

The Center’s faculty and staff represent a multi-disciplinary team of investigators with specific interests in the interface of cancer biology and computational biology. The proposed Center will be a blend of investigators who exhibited deep involvement with the Center during its first period of funding, and a group of investigators who are relatively new to the Center (including some who became engaged through the funding of pilot projects during the last cycle). The Center team includes:

Todd GolubTodd Golub (Center Director). Dr. Golub has been the PI of the ICBP Center, and he serves as the Director of the Broad Institute’s Cancer Program, is the Charles A. Dana Investigator at the Dana–Farber Cancer Institute, and is an investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. He has extensive experience in the application of computational approaches to cancer genomics and chemical biology. He also has extensive leadership experience, having led numerous multidisciplinary research teams, and has been particularly effective at engaging in inter-institutional collaborative projects.

Aviv Regev

Aviv Regev (Associate Center Director). Dr. Regev is a computational biologist who serves as core faculty member of the Broad Institute, and is also an assistant professor at the MIT biology department. She is known for her ability to develop sophisticated computational models and to apply them to important biological problems including, for example, cancer stem cell biology.

Jill Mesirov

Jill Mesirov (Associate Center Director). Dr. Mesirov is the Broad Institute’s chief informatics officer, and her research work has focused primarily on cancer. Trained in mathematics, she brings extensive algorithm development experience, as well as deep software development experience. Her team is responsible for the development of a number of widely-used, cancer-focused analytical software packages including Gene Set Enrichment Analysis and GenePattern. In addition, she played a leadership role in the educational outreach component of our ICBP center.

William Hahn

William Hahn. Dr. Hahn is a senior associate member of the Broad Institute’s cancer program, and an associate professor at the Dana–Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School. He is known for his cancer biology expertise and for his leadership role in the Broad Institute RNAi activities, where he serves as co-PI of the RNAi Consortium (TRC), and has led the Center’s efforts in discovering essential kinase in cancer using RNAi.

Marc Vidal

Marc Vidal. Dr. Vidal is a world-renown expert in systems biology, having led worldwide collaborative efforts to develop genome-wide protein-protein interaction networks. A professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, he serves as Director of the Dana–Farber’s Center for Cancer Systems Biology (no connection to ICBP) and has been a long-time collaborator of many Center investigators. He now formally joins the Center team.

Daphne Koller

Daphne Koller. Dr. Koller is an accomplished computer scientist and computational biologist at Stanford University, where her work focuses on computational modeling of regulatory networks. A number of the analytical frameworks developed in her laboratory are in active use in our Center, and she has active collaborations with a number of Center faculty. Her formal involvement with our Center will also help foster inter-Center interactions with the Stanford ICBP Center.

Matt Meyerson

Matthew Meyerson. Dr. Meyerson is a senior associate member of the Broad Institute and professor of pathology at the Dana–Farber and Harvard Medical School. He has led the Broad’s cancer genome discovery efforts, with particular research expertise in lung cancer. He has been an active member of the Center, and will continue to play a central role as the Center takes on a lung cancer focus.

Levi Garraway

Levi Garraway. Dr. Garraway is an associate member of the Broad Institute and assistant professor at the Dana–Farber and Harvard Medical School. He currently lead’s the Broad cancer program’s effort to genetically characterize extensive panels of cell lines with a goal of developing predictive models based on such information. His research expertise in melanoma will be of particular value to the Center as it develops a melanoma focus.

Massimo Loda

Massimo Loda. Dr. Loda is an associate member of the Broad Institute and professor of pathology at the Dana–Farber and Harvard Medical School. His expertise in molecular pathology will be invaluable in the Center’s efforts to translate predictive models into physiologically relevant human cancer models including primary tumor tissue slice technology developed in the Loda laboratory.

David Sabatini

David Sabatini. Dr. Sabatini is a Senior Associate Member of the Broad Institute, a Member of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, and an investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. As an expert in cancer metabolism and RNAi-based dissection of cellular circuitry, he will serve as our collaborator in our efforts to incorporate metabolite profiling into our predictive models. His involvement will serve as a link to the MIT ICBP Center, of which he was a part during the prior funding cycle.

Michael Reich

Michael Reich. Michael Reich is Director of Cancer Informatics at the Broad Institute, and his group has had direct responsibility for all software development, including GenePattern and Portal development, with particular emphasis on community outreach. His expertise in interacting with the NCI community will be particularly invaluable in the development of community-enabling computational tools.

Pablo Tamayo

Pablo Tamayo. Dr. Tamayo is Senior Computational Biologist within the Center, and he brings a decade of experience in cancer computational biology, particularly in the area of algorithm development for gene expression analysis.


John Rinn

John Rinn. Dr. Rinn is an associate member of the Broad Institute and assistant professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School. His laboratory discovered the existence of lncRNAs, and as such his involvement in the Center will be invaluable as we incorporate lncRNA profiles into our predictive models.


Clary Clish

Clary Clish. Dr. Clish is Director of the Metabolite Profiling effort at the Broad Institute, bringing extensive experience in metabolomic profiling to the table. He will be responsible for generating all of the proposed metabolomic profiling data proposed in the new Center.


David Root

David Root. Dr. Root is Director of the Broad Institute’s RNAi Platform and a co-PI of the RNAi Consortium (TRC). Working with Bill Hahn, he has been responsible for the generation of genome-wide RNAi libraries, the development of screening methodologies, and has worked intimately with Center computational biologists to develop new analytical tools for RNAi. His extensive technical experience with large-scale RNAi screening will be invaluable for the proposed studies.