Pooled Screening File Downloads

This page contains the most up to date versions of our pooled screening file downloads. If you are looking for an older version of one of these files, you may be able to find it here:

General Information About File Downloads

These files are provided to aid in the analysis of pooled screens.

A brief description of the file formats and their contents are as follows. Please see the paragraph below for more detailed information about file columns and headers:

File Column and Header Information

Information about the columns and the order they are presented in the file formats listed above is found here for your reference.

Current File Downloads

Please note: The files in this table are the most current files of each type, generated by a script that runs nightly and assesses if changes are needed. The date of the last update is encoded following the underscore after the clone pool identifier in YYYYMMDD format. Be aware that these files may go for periods of time without change.

Clone Pool Pool Description Distinct Barcodes Chip Files Reference File
1 CP0001 55K Human Pool 55772 CP0001_20160425.chip
2 CP0002 40K Mouse Pool 40021 CP0002_20160425.chip
3 CP0003 90K Human Pool 93150 CP0003_20160425.chip
4 CP0011 Mouse Kinase Pool 3362 CP0011_20160425.chip