MitoCarta Column Documentation

EntrezIDNCBI Entrez gene identifier
SymbolEntrez official gene symbol
DescriptionEntrez gene description
SynonymsEntrez gene synonyms
Chromosomal LocationLocation of longest transcript in reference sequence mm8 or hg18
Maestro ScoreIntegrated score of mitochondrial localization. Score of 5.45 indicates 10% cFDR cutoff, but genes with literature or GFP support may have lower scores.
cFDREstimated corrected false discovery rate associated with given Maestro score, estimated from large training datasets
EvidenceEvidence of mitochondrial localization:
  • literature: manually curated list of genes encoding proteins with strong support of mitochondrial localization from literature (not including previous large-scale proteomic studies)
  • GFP localization: clear mitochondrial localization observed by GFP-tagging and microscopy in our study
  • targetP signal: mitochondrial targeting signal present in N-terminal 130 aa, based on targetP
  • yeast mito homolog: best S. cerevisiase homolog, based on BlastP, is a curated mitochondrial gene
  • Rickettsial homolog: mouse gene has a homolog to R. prowazekii based on BlastP with expect < 1e-3
  • mito protein domain: mouse protein has a mitochondrial-specific Pfam domain
  • induction: mouse transcript was induced during mitochondrial biogenesis (+ and ++ indicate higher levels of induction)
  • coexpression: mouse transcript is coexpressed with known mitochondrial genes across mouse tissues (+ and ++ indicate higher levels of coexpression)
  • MS/MS: mouse protein detected with high confidence in mitochondrial samples from 14 tissues (+ and ++ indicate higher confidence of detection)
TissuesProtein detected by discovery MS/MS within 14 tissues analyzed:
1: cerebrum
2: cerebellem
3: brainstem
4: spinal cord
5: liver
6: kidney
7: heart
8: skeletal muscle
9: adipose
10: stomach
11: sm intestine
12: lg intestine
13: testis
14: placenta