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A complex interaction of imprinted and maternal-effect genes modifies sex determination in Odd Sex (Ods) mice.

Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsPoirier, C., Qin Y., Adams CP, Anaya Y., Singer JB, Hill AE, Lander E. S., Nadeau JH, and Bishop CE
AbstractThe transgenic insertional mouse mutation Odd Sex (Ods) represents a model for the long-range regulation of Sox9. The mutation causes complete female-to-male sex reversal by inducing a male-specific expression pattern of Sox9 in XX Ods/+ embryonic gonads. We previously described an A/J strain-specific suppressor of Ods termed Odsm1(A). Here we show that phenotypic sex depends on a complex interaction between the suppressor and the transgene. Suppression can be achieved only if the transgene is transmitted paternally. In addition, the suppressor itself exhibits a maternal effect, suggesting that it may act on chromatin in the early embryo.
Year of Publication2004
Date Published (YYYY/MM/DD)2004/11/01
ISSN Number0016-6731