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Gene expression-based screening for inhibitors of PDGFR signaling.

Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsAntipova, AA, Stockwell BR, and Golub T. R.
AbstractHere we describe a proof-of-concept experiment designed to explore the possibility of using gene expression-based high-throughput screening (GE-HTS) to find inhibitors of a signaling cascade, using platelet derived growth factor receptor (PDGFR) signaling as the example. The previously unrecognized ability of aurintricarboxylic acid to inhibit PDGFR signaling, discovered through a screen of 1,739 compounds, demonstrates the feasibility and generalizability of GE-HTS for the discovery of small molecule modulators of any signaling pathway of interest.
Year of Publication2012
JournalGenome biology
Date Published (YYYY/MM/DD)2012/01/05
ISSN Number1465-6906