Meta-Analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies

Given low power for individual genome-wide association studies, meta-analysis is an attractive approach to pool statistical evidence across multiple studies for genetic discovery in human complex traits.

MANTEL [May 2011]

MANTEL is a toolkit to enable meta-analysis of GWAS data sets. We have used this now for several consortia efforts: QTGEN, RRGEN, QT-IGC and QRS-GWAS. MANTEL allows an arbitrary number of GWAS data sets with per-SNP association results to be combined using a variety of widely-used statistical approaches.

QTGEN study [March 2009]

As part of the QTGEN study of the CHARGE Consortium, we have developed a tool to perform meta-analysis efforts across studies.

DGI and WTCCC [March 2008]

We have performed a meta-analysis based on the association results that were made publicly available by the Diabetes Genetics Initiative (DGI) and the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium (WTCCC). This is primarily meant to illustrate some of the technical and statistical details of genome-wide meta-analysis.


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P.I.W. de Bakker, M.A.R. Ferreira, X. Jia, B.M. Neale, S. Raychaudhuri, B.F. Voight. Practical aspects of imputation-driven meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies. Human Molecular Genetics. 2008 Oct 15;17(R2):R122-8.