The Broad Institute is dedicated to sharing new approaches and discoveries about human biology and disease with the scientific community, collaborators in industry, and more broadly through community partnerships and outreach programs. Our various partners include academic trainees and staff, as well as colleagues from other academic and industrial organizations who work together with Broad researchers toward the shared goal of transforming human health and medicine. In addition, the Broad Institute invites the general public to learn about our discoveries through a variety of outreach activities, public programs, educational resources, and events.

The Academic Affairs Office seeks to foster the professional development of the institute’s academic staff and cultivate ties within and between these groups.

The Office of Strategic Alliances and Partnering helps individuals and organizations connect and build partnerships with researchers and teams across the institute.

The Broad Institute is committed to sharing knowledge through a variety of outreach activities, public programs, workshops, and more. Students and teachers can participate in the Broad’s K-12 Outreach Program and Diversity Initiative in Scientific Research; Broad staff and researchers from MIT and Harvard are invited to join BroadE workshops; and the general public is welcome to explore the exhibits in the lobby of the Broad’s 415 Main Street building and attend public events, including the annual Midsummer Nights’ Science lecture series.

Sponsored Research
The Office for Sponsored Research works with researchers on sponsored awards from concept to proposal to award, including all aspects of award management and compliance.