Our technologies

Broad Institute scientists generate a wide range of novel technologies in several broad categories, including: therapeutics, diagnostics, research tools, and software. We seek to collaborate with like-minded partners in academia and industry to accelerate the development and commercialization of these technologies. Please contact the office of Strategic Alliances and Partnering at partnering@broadinstitute.org if you would like to learn about opportunities in any of these areas:


The Broad Institute’s Chemical Biology and Novel Therapeutics Platform enables researchers to design novel assays, synthesize small-molecule probes, undertake high-throughput screens, identify the targets of small molecules, and engage in follow-up medicinal chemistry and pre-clinical development. Increasingly, we are generating a wide range of novel drug discovery projects across multiple therapeutic areas including cancer, autoimmune disease, neuroscience, cardio-vascular disease, metabolic disease, and infectious disease. We are interested in exploring potential collaborations that can help advance these projects to successful therapeutics that serve patients and accelerate biomedical progress.


The Broad Institute has robust research programs in novel diagnostics, which have yielded several new genetic and proteomic profiles and biomarkers. We are also engaged in the development of entire diagnostic platforms such as technologies to rapidly identify pathogen strains. These technologies not only show great potential for personalized medicine, ensuring that each patient gets the safest and most effective therapy, but also have the potential to improve and accelerate clinical trials.

Research Tools

Broad scientists work on the cutting-edge of many scientific disciplines. When the tools needed to carry out new research do not yet exist, we create them. Technologies such as novel screening methodologies, high-throughput sample preparation, epigenetic tools, and new instrumentation are constantly invented here.


Software engineers at the Broad continuously develop new software to analyze, interpret, and visualize large datasets generated by research groups across the institute. These proprietary software packages enable and improve many aspects of biological research ranging from genetic analysis to sequencing and phenotypic screening.