2015 Workshops

Genetic Perturbations for Functional Genomics
The Genetic Perturbation Platform workshop will explore functional genomics resources as the Broad, both for those interested in performing genetic screens and for those interested in using these tools to answer specific questions in their area of interest. The workshop is aimed at bench scientists who might use these resources as well as computationalists who want to understand more about biological mechanisms and experimental approaches underlying the data sets that emerge. We will cover the range of perturbations available in the Platform, including shRNAs, ORFs, and CRISPRs, including background on how they work and how they are delivered into cells. We will then discuss the planning and execution of small scale and genome-wide screens using these reagents. Additionally, we will provide hands-on examples of how to analyze and prioritize hits that emerge from screens, and discuss how to move from primary screening data to figures 3 through 7 of your publication.
  January 21   Workshop Materials