27 March 2015

Oncotator update

We’ve updated the version of Oncotator we’re using from v1.3.1.0 to v1.5.3.0. This update comes with many improvements and bug fixes to Oncotator’s annotation engine, most notably improved transcript selection. For a full list of changes, see our release page.

6 March 2015

We finally got around to it :)

We’re now published! Please see our Database-in-Brief article describing Oncotator, published in Human Mutation.

1 December 2014

Welcome to the new Oncotator web site!

We’ve completely rewritten both the front- and back-ends of the web application, which will provide us with a better technical foundation for future development. In addition, we’ve updated the instance of Oncotator running under the hood to the latest stable release v1.3.1.0.

If needed for legacy reasons, the old Oncotator site can still be accessed here for a limited time.

Please visit the forum for any questions or feedback. Thanks for using the tool!