Dog Health Status Update

Thank you for submitting a blood sample from your dog to the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.  We would be grateful if you could take a moment to fill out this form.  This will help us get the most recent update on the health status of your dog.

Please fill out and submit this online form, or download a Microsoft Word version here and return it via email to  Alternatively, you can print and mail the update to:

Dog Genome Group
7 Cambridge Center, 6th Floor
Cambridge, MA  02142

** Note that we have a separate form for dogs affected by Degenerative Myopathy, which can be found here.

Basic Info
Disease information
If your dog has been diagnosed with any of the following diseases, please specify the date of diagnosis below.
** Please note we have a separate form specifically for dogs afflicted with Degenerative Myopathy, please see above for a link to that form.