The scientific community of the Genome Biology Program includes graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, technical and professional staff, faculty, and associate and core Broad members.

Program Leadership

Genome Biology
Eric Lander, Program Director

Genome Sequencing and Analysis
Bruce Birren, Program Co-director
Stacey Gabriel, Program Co-director
Chad Nusbaum, Program Co-director
James Galagan, Associate Director of Microbial Genome Analysis
David Jaffe, Director of Computational Research and Development
Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, Scientific Director of Vertebrate Genome Biology

Bradley Bernstein, Associate Member
Alexander Meissner, Associate Member

Program Faculty and Senior Staff

Eric Alm, Associate Member
Christopher Burge, Associate Member
George Church, Associate Member
Edward Delong, Associate Member
Charles Epstein, Team Leader, Epigenomics
Gad Getz, Team Leader, Cancer Genomics Analysis
Andreas Gnirke, Team Leader, Molecular Biology Research and Development
Brian Haas, Manager of Genome Annotation, Outreach, Bioinformatics, and Analysis
Ed Harlow, Associate Member
Manolis Kellis, Associate Member
Michael Koehrsen, Team Leader, Annotation Informatics
Anne Pringle, Associate Member
John Rinn, Associate Member
Aviv Regev, Institute Core Member
Sarah Young, Team Leader; Assembly, Computation, and Development Core
Mike Zody, Chief Technologist