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GeneCruiser provides integrated access to genomic information freely available from public data sources.

  • Annotate probes Annotate probes takes one or more Affymetrix probe identifiers and retrieves requested information from datasources such as Entrez Gene, RefSeq and SwissProt.
  • Convert genes to Affymetrix probe identifiers finds genes based on genomic identifiers or keyword search and then identifies matching Affymetrix probe identifiers on one or more microarray chips.
  • Find Variations takes genomic feature identifiers or chromosomal locations and retrieves genomic variations such as SNPs in corresponding genes or locations.
  • Variations to Genes takes variation identifiers such as dbSNP and Affymetrix SNP identifiers and retrieves genes linked to these variations

Current version

Release version: 3.2.1 (build 488)
Release Notes
Release date: 08/20/2008 12:49 PM
Build type: v3.2.1
Ensembl version: 48
Assembly name: NCBI 36
Genebuild: 2006-12-Ensembl
dbSNP version: 127


Citing GeneCruiser

GeneCruiser: a web service for the annotation of microarray data
Ted Liefeld, Michael Reich, Josh Gould, Peili Zhang, Pablo Tamayo, and Jill P. Mesirov
Bioinformatics (2005) 21(18):3681-3682


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Resources using GeneCruiser

These resources use GeneCruiser's Web Services:

GenePattern analysis platform for genomic data
Haploview haplotype analysis software
SNAP SNP Annotation and Proxy Search tool

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