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Welcome to the NHLBI CARe Center Home Page!

NHLBI’s Candidate-gene Association REsource (CARe) Study will support quite extensive genotyping in up to 50,000 participants from nine NHLBI-supported cohort studies (the CARe Cohorts). This project is expected to produce rapid scientific progress, rich opportunities for investigators, and great benefit to society.

Purpose of the CARe System

The purpose of the system is to enable the key objectives as stated in the Response to RFP HL-06-03/Genotyping in Large-scale Cohorts:

1. Receipt and management of DNA samples and associated phenotypic information from the large NHLBI cohorts

2. Design genotyping experiments using our sample management, SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) selection, and SNP genotyping platform

3. Support genotyping experiment execution in candidate genes and a set of genome-wide SNPs with high accuracy, high throughput, and superior cost-efficiency

4. Manage data and develop and apply statistical methods required to identify associations between genotypes and HLB phenotypes.

To summarize, the inputs to the system are DNA samples and associated clinical phenotypic information. The outputs will be a variety of analytic results from statistical and computational methods used to perform large-scale candidate gene association studies of phenotypes across multiple cohorts, whole-genome association studies, and tests for gene-gene and gene-environment interactions.


Background Information -- links to CARe cohort sites, the CARe IBC chip SNP/candidate gene list and other relevant CARe documents

Steering Committee Meetings -- notes on conference calls and meetings

Subcommittees -- work-in-progress and completed work, per subcommittee

Library -- links to various published papers relevant to the CARe project

Phenotype Working Groups --lists of participants in the 17 CARe phenotype working groups

CARe Data Distribution Agreement -click to access the CARe DDA

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started

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