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Subcommittee Members:

Eric Boerwinkle (ARIC), Joseph Coresh (MESA), Rich Fabsitz (NHLBI), Stacey Gabriel (Broad), Wendy Post (MESA), Bruce Psaty (CHS), Vasan Ramachandran (FHS), Susan Redline (CFS, SHHS), Muredach Reilly (Penn) David Siskovick (CHS), Jim Wilson (JHS),

Dr. Wilson is the chair of the subcommittee.

Committee Working Documents

Draft CARE publication policy - Media:CarePublicationPolicy.doc

CARDIA documents for comparision:

CARDIA approach to publications review - Media:CARDIApublicationApproach.doc

CARDIA approach to data verification - Media:CARDIAdataVerification.doc

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