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The CARE website is a simple mediawiki set up as a main page with three principal links:

1. Background Info

2. Steering Committee

3. Subcommittees

The Background Info page has the original science section of the NHLBI grant RFA submitted by the Broad Institute (Gabriel and Hirshhorn, Co-PIs; Daly and Nizzari, Co-Is). It also has links to the CARE cohorts' websites.

The Steering Committee page contains links to slides from meetings and notes from our every-other-week conference calls. The roster and contact information for SC members is also on that page.

The Subcommittees link has the meat of the site. Each subcommittee has a separate page for its work-in-progress and finished documents, decisions, and other materials.

The mediawiki has a terrific feature to allow 'discussion' for each page, which makes discussion threads more coherent and prevents discussion from cluttering up the main content page.

All CARE members are free to edit the content or discussion pages as desired.


Marcia Nizzari (

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