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Background Information

Our CARE Cohorts -- links to websites for the nine CARE cohorts

IBC version 1 chip list'--Media:IBC chip final SNP list.xls

IBC version 2 chip list--COMING SOON

CARe DAC Procedures and Policies-- Media:CARe_DAC_Procedures_and_Policies.doc

CARe Data Distribution Agreement-- Media:CARe_Data_Distribution_Agreement_01_16_2007.doc

CARe Publications Policy-- Media:CARe_Publications_Policy_09_2007.doc

DAC Application for CARe Investigators-- Media:DAC_application_for_CARE_Investigators_2008.doc

Research Staff Data Access Agreement-- Media:Research_Staff_Data_Access_Agreement_01_16_2007.doc

CARe Data Access and Distribution Policy--Media:CARe_Data_Access_and_Distribution_Policy_06_2007.doc

Pre-approved CARe slides for CARe Investigator use Media:CARe_slides_2008.ppt

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