IndelRealigner Not attempting realignment in interval
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first of all, sorry, if I'm not correct in this forum, but I didn't find a place where it realy seemed correct.

On the last data I've got I ren into information like: "INFO 22:14:12,352 IndelRealigner - Not attempting realignment in interval chrY:27782626-27782640 because there are too many reads."

I've read about the option: "--maxReadsForRealignment" and set it to 100000. I had a look at the bam file and saw, that at some points I've got more then 150000 reads. The average reading depth is about 50. I'm quite new to the filed of NGS and thus am not sure what that means.

Exactly how does the program handle this? Sincer there only small parts, which are actually to high covered. Are only those few bases not realigend? Or is everything in the step skipped? As an example: chrY:27782626-27782640 is only an interval of 14bp. The whole y-chromsom is covered by only two steps shown in the log file. What is not aligned? One part of the y-chromosom or just those 14bp?

Besides this technical questions: is it save to just increase the "--maxReadsForRealignment" until all intervals are realigned, or is there normaly a general failure (eg. PCR) behind this, so that it seems more save to ignore those intervals?

If some other users have encountered the same issue it would be nice to hear how the have handled this.

Thanks alot

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