Imformation in Queue output bam file
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Dear all , I am using Queue and DataProcessingPipeline.scala ( from ) to process my bam file . The input is a sample level bam file which has been processed by BWA aligned , Samtools sampe and Picard merge and duplicate removed . The output bam file (~200GB/sample ) is much larger than the input bam file (~80GB/sample ) . I want to know what information was added into the bam file ? Thanks a lot .My Queue version is Queue-2.1-10 . My script :

java \ -Xmx4g \ \ -jar ./Queue-2.1-10/Queue.jar \ -S ./DataProcessingPipeline.scala \ -i input.bam \ -R /db/human_g1k_v37.fasta \ -D /db//dbSnp_b137.vcf \ -run

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