GTEx Project Community Scientific Meeting

The 2016 GTEx Project Community Meeting will be held at Stanford University. The meeting will highlight current data sets and types available, various tools being developed for these data types, and results from applying them to the data. The relationship of the project to other NIH projects and data sets, such as ENCODE, GWAS and Cancer projects will be highlighted, and strong emphasis will be placed on showcasing a range of scientific presentations that use GTEx data.

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Meeting schedule 
Monday, July 11th, 2016 (1-day meeting)
Main meeting: 8 AM - 5PM
Poster reception: 5 PM - 7PM 

Meeting Location
Stanford University
Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center
326 Galvez Street, Stanford, CA 94305                    

About the Genotype-Tissue Expression project
The Genotype-Tissue Expression project (GTEx) aims to create a public atlas of human gene expression and its regulation across multiple tissue types, enabling the research community to dissect the effect of genetic variation and gene expression, and to aid in the functional interpretation of genetic associations with disease.

GTEx data are now available at dbGaP and the GTEx Portal.