Jessica Perez

Improving next-generation sequencing technologies by determining novel vision system applications

Mentor: Eva Markiewicz, Genome sequencing Platform

Vision system technology has played an increasingly critical role in the advancement of machine automation for the DNA sequencing process. To re-engineer processes and overcome production constraints in the Broad’s sequencing platform, researchers are exploring new applications of vision systems using the knowledge of physical lighting, software, and post-image processing.

Because research into more novel applications that utilize machine vision systems is needed to improve the sequencing process, Jessica and her Broad colleagues demonstrated the capabilities of vision systems used the Cognex Smart Sensor Legend 540 smart camera and Intellect 1.4.0 software as models. The team evaluated the systems’ identification of DNA clusters in the Solexa sequencing process and performed a QC of sonication with Covaris tubes to filter out poorly manufactured tubes. The researchers concluded that vision systems are a great alternative to visual tests and calibrated machines.

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Jessica Perez

"Working at the Broad Institute this summer offered me the opportunity to overcome challenges, take part in a valuable project, and realize my own capabilities. The summer was productive and motivating. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in science."

Jessica Perez, a biological engineering freshman at MIT, evaluated vision system models for use in genome sequencing.

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