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* [[Installation]]: how to download, install, and compile Arachne.
* [[Installation]]: how to download, install, and compile Arachne.
* [[Sample Project]]s: ready-made examples of Arachne input.
== Using Arachne ==
== Using Arachne ==

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Arachne is the Whole Genome Shotgun Assembler developed at the Broad Institute.

Under continuous development since 2000, the Arachne software package has evolved from the classic "overlap-layout-consensus" paradigm into a vast collection of different tools and modules, some to modify and manipulate assemblies, others to analyze and gather statistics or vizualize genomes. The current version of Arachne can be downloaded as source code.

To participate in this wiki, please send mail to to ask for an account.



Using Arachne

  • Input: how to set up input files.
  • Running Arachne: from traces to the draft genome.
  • Output: how the output looks like, and how to translate it in a human readable format.
  • Analysis: how to examine your assembly.
  • Algorithms: you have your first assembly, now you want to make it better. Here, you might find out how.


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